Winter Beauty Essentials

andrea bonilla Even though its really fall, once it dips below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, to me winter has arrived. The arrival of winter means several things to me: less daylight, more layers, and a totally different beauty routine. As part of my beauty routine there are some essentials that I think are key for EVERYONE.

1. A cold-mist humidifier: Central heating may be a wondrous gift for cold temperatures, but it is also a moisture suck for your body. A cold mist humidifier, in my opinion is THE winter beauty essential. It can help restore that balance, especially at night when the heat cranks the most. If you think this is the item to forgo, I tell you it is the one you HAVE to have. Last winter and now this coming winter I’ve been using this Crane Drop shaped humidifier. It holds enough water to continuously run for 24 hours or a few nights so it’s great. Also it helps that it’s not too loud. PS remember to clean it regularly.

2. A thicker moisturizer, all around: Summer is all warm, humid, and glowy, and requires much less moisturizing. I had been using a thin lotion-like serum as a moisturizer up until a few weeks ago. As soon as the heat kicked in, a kicked it up a notch to a John Masters Pomegranate Face Oil during the day and 100% Pure Brightening Night Balm at night. These are both keeping my face supple and moist. As far as my body goes, I wear a body oil year round, but winter requires a thicker one. Check out a previous post on my favorites! More body oils faves to come!

3. WATER: Not going to lie, sometimes I’m not good about drinking my daily dose of water, but now that the heat is on, I’ve felt literally parched and have stepped it up a few glasses. It’s just as important to moisturize from the inside out so don’t forget this key step. Drink up. Cheers!

4. Shea butter based conditioner & lots of it: Unless you’ve been blessed with frizz-free straight locks for life, winter hair needs a little more loving, some more than others of course. For me, I’ve noticed right away that I have to step up my conditioning game otherwise it’s KNOTS 5 ANDREA 0. Nonetheless, courtesy of Shea Moisture’s deep treatment masque my hair is doing well (yay because Im growing it out to donate… again!). Also I emphasize shea butter based because it’s one of the best ingredients for preventing the dreaded winter frizz that comes with wearing extra winter layers.

5. Good, healthy food: This one, of course, is a year round tip, but in the winter especially, foods with healthy fats are essential. Healthy fats like nuts, coconut oil, omegas 3s and 6s, and others help moisturize from within.

What are your winter beauty essentials? How do you stay moisturized?

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