Social Media Week 2013: Day 1

SMW2013 Bracelet
SMW2013 Bracelet

Today was my first day at Social Media Week 2013 in New York City!

Since time is of the essence I will only bee blogging in English, but if anyone would like Spanish translations I’ll be more than happy to provide them after the event is done or answer questions in the comments.

On that note everyday I will be sharing my key takeaways from each of the events I’ve attended.

1. My first event today was Jeff Dachis’ keynote interview about mass communications. To me his most interesting points were:

  • Social has created a democratization of social expression. Anyone can now globally express their point off views for free.
  • Social has created a massive shift from mass communications to mass communicaTORS. It’s about what people are saying.
  • Advertising vs. Engagement: for a long time brand management has been about advertising, but social media has created a shift towards engagement and finding and mobilizing a brand’s power advocates.
  • This year brands will really have to garner the power of social and develop their brands and engage and not just put out advertisements.
  • A final point that Jeff Dachis mentioned, which goes towards the next event I attended is: If you don’t want people to know something, then don’t put it online. The internet is forever!!!

2. The second event I attended was “David vs Goliath: the Global Fight for Digital Privacy.” The event was structured a little bit as a debate and started with Lorrie Crainor sharing information about research that shows that the general population is a) clueless about being tracked and b) when they know they are being tracked they are unaware of how extensive the tracking really is. David Pashman and David Straite then debated about where to draw the fine line of Internet regulation. On the one hand we have a very laissez faire system that is based on a 1997 agreement to just let users consent to privacy terms and on the other extreme we have Europe, where Internet control is so heavy that it deters from technological ingenuity. My main takeaways were as follows:

  • Users need to be aware that tracking is there and it is extensive!
  • Users need to take responsibility for the information they put out there and know that it can be used for way more than we can ever imagine.
  • At some point a happy medium needs to be found, preferably one where government control and user friendliness meet seamlessly.
  • Companies need to be aware of who their service providers are & how they use data that comes from customers.

3. Finally, my last event of the day was an actual social and digital event “Doing It Live: The Integration of Social in Live Events.”  The event was great in two ways- I met some great people and there were some good tips for having live social events.

  • Make events fun and natural for attendees and make them look “cool” so they’ll want to share your event.
  • Have a hashtag!! Nowadays you should know, if there’s no hashtag it didn’t happen!
  • Most events have 3-4 really important people who are there & matter in terms of impressions. Take advantage of it!

As a final comment I think regardless of the event today the theme was definitely engagement: whether it was about engagement for brand development, engagement so you know what’s going on with your digital footprint and what you are sharing online and what all that means, and event engagement.

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