My Quest for A Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover Is Over!

andrea bonilla one love organicsAt the very beginning of NYFW this fall, I attended a #GreenBeautyNYC event and it lead me to the most amazing discovery, ever! While I have transitioned most of my beauty products into the green and natural world, mascara, more importantly waterproof mascara, is the one thing I just can’t give up. I’ve written before about my struggles to find a natural eye makeup remover that effectively and painlessly removes waterproof mascara, but the struggles are OVER!

At #GreenBeautyNYC, I met Elizabeth Dehn, beauty expert at Beauty Bets, and Suzanne LeRoux, from One Love Organics, two ladies who recently launched a great collaboration. I explained to these ladies my ongoing dilemma about being unable to find a natural makeup remover that took off all my waterproof mascara without also ripping off all my eyelashes. Alas, Elizabeth and Suzanne recommended their Vitamin B Active Moisture Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover. After being ASSURED that this would be the answer to my problems, I paid up the $38 and brought it home.

A few weeks later, let’s just say all the affirmations are TRUE. On a small cotton round, a few squirts of this cleansing oil removes all the layers of waterproof mascara, effectively and gently without leaving residue or ripping out my eyelashes. In addition, when just rubbed into my face and then rinsed, this cleansing oil gently removes all makeup and leaves my face feeling clean, but not stripped.

ADDED BONUS: this cleanser smells like a piña colada on a beach so every time I use it, it’s like a mini mental trip to the tropics through my olfactory senses.

My one complaint would be that once the squirt bottle is open, it can’t be closed and that definitely makes it hard to travel with. Regardless, my quest for a waterproof eye makeup remover is over and I think I’m going to need a lifetime supply!

Have you tried this product? What’s your favorite eye makeup remover/cleanser?

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