Indie Beauty Expo (2015) Recap

(L to R) me, Sarah of Osmia Organics, & Kristen Arnett of Green Beauty Team.

A few months ago, I attended the Indie Beauty Expo in NYC and it really filled me with excitement! Setting aside the plethora of makeup and skincare that was there, it was so great to see so many brands and people who are and keep getting on board with green beauty.

As I have written before, my road to green beauty began 7 years ago with a visit to my dermatologist, in Ecuador! However, the more I think about it the more I realize it began a little before that. I lived in Ecuador until I was 10 and when you live in a place where the sun hits you straight on, sunblock is key! Since as far back as I can remember, I had difficulty with sunblocks stinging my skin but Hawaiian Tropics Baby Faces 50+ used to be my go to. So much so that even after I moved to NY, I used to make sure to stockpile on it from Ecuador. After a few years, however, I noticed that I applied from a new bottle and my face started burning like WOAH! Upon comparing my new bottle with the old one, I realized that the active ingredient had changed from Titanium Dioxide to Avobenzone, Octocrylene, & Oxybenzone. That was the end of that for me and from that moment on I did some research (cue dialup internet and AOL browsers circa 2000) and looked for mineral only sunblocks with Titanium Dioxide and/or Zinc Oxide.

Fast forward to 2008 when I began transitioning shampoos and body soaps, the options were SCARCE! Sulfate free shampoos usually meant greasy hair and soaps without soaping agents meant Cetaphil. Yikes! (read it’s not that great either). Fast forward a few more years and thanks to easily available intranets and services like Goodebox, Petit Vour, EWG SkinDeep Database, ThinkDirty App, and the growing green beauty community (BIG shoutout to Kristen Arnett of Green Beauty Team who I have been following for 5+ years and has provided lots of guidance), I can say I have a solid skincare routine, head to toe, of safe products AND every day I am still discovering better ones and not so good ones.

FullSizeRenderThus, it was so amazing to see so many amazing brands committed to make safe and effective products! Some of my favorites brands that were at the Indie Beauty Expo are Kahina Giving BeautyKypris, Hynt Beauty, Strangely Invisible Perfumes, VM Hypoallergenics, Osmia Organics, Au Naturale Cosmetics, among others. See the Indie Beauty Expo website for a list of all the participating brands!
See the snap to the left to see wha I scored! Did you attend? What are your favorite brands? Wish you would have attended? Which brands did you want to check out?

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