DIY With Studs

Remember when studs and spikes were reserved for the 80s and goths? Well, not anymore! Over the last year they have become trendy accents, and I can’t deny I love them! However, trendy usually means expensive so instead of buying studded clothes or shoes I decided to DIY! I went a little stud crazy for a few weeks and below are my “new” studded clothes and shoes:

1. I had an old navy colored blazer circa 2003(!!!!) from my high school DECA days that I had been hiding in my closet waiting for the right time to re-purpose it. It had some holes here and there from old DECA pins (yes, I know what you’re thinking: WHAT A NERD! And, I will totally own up to it), so studding it turned out to be the perfect way to repurpose it. During a trip to NYC I ventured into M&J Trimming and bought all kinds of studs. I used some old gold punch through studs on the lapels and sleeves and for the buttons I found some funky spikes when I was in Brazil. The punch through studs are so easy to put in and using some jewelry pliers they stay in place perfectly.

DIY studded blazer
DIY Studded Blazer









2. While doing my regular window shopping in Brazil and with my mom, I started really coveting a studded pair of shoes, but with price tags from $100+ I decided DIY was a better option. I had an old, circa 2006, pair of Steve Madden black suede booties that needed a second life and studding was it. Using some E6000 glue, iron-on studs ($4.98 for 50) and tweezers I carefully planned out the studding and then glued them on. I waited at least 24 hours to see if they would come off and then they were ready to wear! Voila, a new pair of shoes! I must admit at first I tried using rubber cement, but that did NOT work. E6000 works much better.

DIY studded black booties
DIY studded black booties









3. Then while doing some holiday closet cleaning I found a strapless nude bra that wasn’t getting any use so I decided to stud that too! Did a little Google image searching for existing styles and then made my own pattern. Using gold punch through studs ($4.98 for 48) and jewelry pliers, I ended up with a new bra to wear under sheer tops or with oversized tanks.

DIY studded bra
DIY Studded Bra







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