DIY hand chain bracelets

I have been coveting hand chain bracelets for a while now, more so since they emerged as trendy over the last year. However, I have found most of them to be quite expensive or just not to my liking. The solution? DIY of course!

Michaels has long been one of my favorite places. I could probably spend a lot more time AND money there if I didn’t have any self control. Alas, since my goal was to make hand chain bracelets I promised myself I would only buy a few things:

  • chain (gold and silver)
  • jump rings and clasps
  • charms

Using these materials, some charms I bought in Brazil, some creativity (inspired by the intrawebs of course), and jewelry pliers and wire cutters, I added two hand chain bracelets to my [expansive] jewelry collection. Each took about 3-4 hours, but ended up costing about $10 in materials each so a total bargain… and I wear them often!

What’s your latest jewelry DIY?

Silver Hand Chain Bracelet
Silver Hand Chain Bracelet
Gold Hand Chain Bracelet
Gold Hand Chain Bracelet

Desde hace mas o menos un año he querido este estilo de anillo-pulsera, pero no había encontrado ninguna que me guste o por un buen precio. Mi solución fue fácil- hacermelas yo mismo!

Fui a Michaels y compre:

  • Cadenas doradas y plateadas
  • Argollas y broches para cerrar
  • Dijes

Usando estos materiales, unos dijes que traje de Brasil, un poco de creatividad (inspirada por el internet), y playos de joyería, añadí dos anillo-pulseras a mi colección de joyas. Cada una me tomo entre 3-4 horas para hacer y costo alrededor de $10. Lo mejor es que encuentro que me las pongo muy a menudo!

Cual fue su ultimo proyecto de joyería hecho en casa?



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