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Being social has always been important for business, hence the saying “It’s who you know, not what you know” and the this rule still applies, social media included.

Social media is one of the best tools that a business can employ to help with marketing, branding, customer service, community outreach, sales, public relations, etc.

What if you already know this, but aren’t sure what, where, how, or why to start? That is where I step in. With over 5 years of experience within social media, I have seen all the changes happen, learned extensively about various approaches and methods to social media marketing, and I understand what it takes to make a business SUCCESSFULLY social.

In addition, if you require copywriting services, whether it be a press release, website copy, blogging, etc., I have experience in a wide array of industries. Due to client privacy, I cannot publicly post samples and links, but for samples please email me and I will supply you with writing samples.


  • Initial 15 minute informational consultations are free.
  • After the initial consultation, a fee will be charged depending on the complexity of the consultation and amount of time used.


  • Fees are customized for each client, based upon the needs and wants of each business (owner). There are hourly, weekly, monthly plans.
  • Copywriting is also done through a customized rate plan, depending on time needs and demands.
  • Social media lessons for personal and/or business use are also an option. The rate varies depending on scope of the lessons, length of the contract, and class size.
  • For a customized plan first complete this questionnaire and then contact me via email.

El aspecto social es uno de los mas importantes para los negocios, por eso hay el dicho “no se trata de que sabe, si no a quien conoce.”  

Social media  es unas de las herramientas mas poderosas que un negocio puede utilizar para marketing, atención al cliente, ventas, relaciones publicas y mas.  

Que pasa si usted no sabe como utilizar social media? Aquí es donde entro yo! Con mas de 5 años de experiencia, he visto todos los cambios, he aprendido sobre varios métodos para practicar “social media marketing” y entiendo lo que necesita para que su negocio sea exitoso.

 Para consultas o planes en español, por favor contactéme por correo electrónico

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