What’s to Come in 2014?

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A new year brings new outlooks. For the past few weeks I’ve been reading lots of resolutions/non-resolutions posts and thinking about what I see happening in 2014. While I can’t say I’ve found a functional magic 8 ball, I came up with lists of 3 key themes that I see as relevant for social media & beauty.

1. Social media:

  • More visual: Twitter has incorporated pictures into timelines & gone as far as making a picture the default input on its native mobile app, Facebook is auto-playing videos, Pinterest keeps growing, and video is exploding. If visual isn’t integrated into your social, you better re-think your strategy.
  • Twitter advertising: Once Twitter released its IPO and went public, it crossed a line – the line where it is expected to produce profits. If you’re on Twitter and haven’t noticed the uptick in their push for promoted tweets and accounts, then you should revisit your email. Twitter promoted accounts and tweets are going to become the new Facebook ads.
  • The year Google+ makes it: Let’s be honest, Google+ has been trying to happen for a long time and it’s really been the neglected step-child. However, sometimes even a neglected step-child has a wealthy parent who is willing to do whatever it takes [read Google]. Some email accounts automatically create YouTube accounts and just last week Google introduced a feature that it will suggest email addresses of people you may want to contact.  Google doesn’t want you to just love gmail, they want you to embrace all they have to offer and take Google+ to the next level.

2. Beauty:

  • Big label brands will get better about major toxic ingredients: L’Oreal, Johnson & Johnson, and Proctor & Gamble pledged to eliminate certain chemicals/microplastics from their cosmetic products over the next couple of years. While this isn’t everything that needs to be eliminated, it’s a start, and a start from large-scale companies like that is a good precedent for other companies.
  • Green beauty will be better and more widely embraced: Going along with big companies eliminating some toxic ingredients from their products, green beauty is really catching on. Back in 2008 when I started phasing out my toxic products, finding a sulfate-free shampoo was like running a marathon [to me], so hard. Now green products abound, more companies are emerging with cleaner ingredients, and big magazines & blogs are also acknowledging the need to eliminate toxic ingredients and use more natural products.
  • Anti-photoshop: While photoshop may have emerged as a wonder tool, the extreme use of it in magazines, blogs, editorials, etc. has really done a number to girls & women’s self esteem and perception of beauty. However, I think we’re finally fighting back and starting to realize that there’s a place and a time for photoshop, but it’s not everywhere and all the time; it should be more like a tool for refinement, than a tool for deception and lying. 

Do you agree or disagree with any of these? What does your magic 8 ball predict for 2014?


1 thought on “What’s to Come in 2014?

  1. I really hope you are right and that the use of photoshop begins to become socially unacceptable! I find natural beauty so much more appealling. I want to see women who look like I do every day in my magazines and advertisements.
    Fingers crossed this one comes to fruition!

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