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SW basics
SW Basics cream & makeup remover

While I am still on a journey to having an entirely natural makeup and skincare routine, I still can’t give up on Maybelline mascaras because I can’t get over my lash obsession and have yet to find a natural mascara that works the wonders that Maybelline mascaras do (right now Rocket Lashes and Cat Eye Waterproof mascaras). The one and only problem that comes along with wearing a couple layers of waterproof mascara, is finding an eye makeup remover that fully removes all the mascara without ripping all my lashes out at the same time. For a while I used an Argentinian product, but it had mineral oil so I gave that up. Then I began using Chanel’s Bi-Phase product (as per a friend’s recommendation), but obviously the ingredient list didn’t win me over. I also alternated the Chanel biphase remover with Sephora’s waterproof makeup remover which is totally gentle but the ingredient list is not. All three of these, I must say, did a great job of removing ALL the mascara without ripping out my lashes.

Most recently about 4-5 months ago I found SW Basics from Brooklyn and ordered their makeup remover. It consists of only olive oil, almond oil & jojoba oil so the ingredient list is A+. This oil is not too heavy and works extremely well at removing face, lids and lip makeup. I even call it my lazy nights makeup remover (for rare occasions) because it can remove all makeup, leaves my face moisturized and does not cause any breakouts. Unfortunately, while it claims to conquer waterproof mascara it absolutely does not. I often struggle with this to remove my waterproof mascara and have lost more lashes than I wish I had.

I’ve reverted back to my effective, but not so ingredient clean Sephora makeup remover. Do you have a natural option that battles waterproof mascara more efficiently?

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