Winter Beauty Essentials

Even though its really fall, once it dips below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, to me winter has arrived. The arrival of winter means several things to me: less daylight, more layers, and a totally different beauty routine. As part of my beauty routine there are some essentials that I think are key for EVERYONE. 1. A […]

Guide to Sun Protection

Recently I was approached by a gentleman who asked me what kind of sunscreen he should be using. He had just purchased a Coppertone facial stick and soon after applying his face and eyes began burning, in the middle of a client meeting nonetheless. As soon as I looked at the active ingredients I knew: […]

Soapwalla Deodorant Cream

While over the years, I’ve been slowly trying to make my beauty routine more natural and green, deodorant is definitely one of the products I’ve held back on because, well, sounds scary not having one to rely on! For as long as I can remember, I’ve been using conventional deodorants, from Dove to Secret & […]

Top 6 Tips for At-Home Waxing

Recently I shared my road from shaving to microwave wax to full on at home waxing. Now, I want to share my top 6 tips for at home waxing because it’s taken me many years of practice to get it down to a science. Top 6 Tips for At Home Waxing: Never, EVER wax while […]

At-Home Waxing

The thing about beauty is that it is NOT always so pretty. For example: WAXING. I always hated shaving. In high school I used to do it and it was such an annoying process and the results barely lasted. When I used to go on vacation to Ecuador I would be treated to waxing, but […]