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Green and Natural Mascaras

Last month I read Kimberlyloc’s Comprehensive Mascara List of Reviews so my mind went into high gear thinking about the green & natural mascaras in my routine.  My lashes have good length, but they are what the women in my family refer to as “umbrella lashes,” meaning they basically curl down not up. For a long […]

Winter Beauty Essentials

Even though its really fall, once it dips below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, to me winter has arrived. The arrival of winter means several things to me: less daylight, more layers, and a totally different beauty routine. As part of my beauty routine there are some essentials that I think are key for EVERYONE. 1. A […]

Waterproof Makeup Remover

While I am still on a journey to having an entirely natural makeup and skincare routine, I still can’t give up on Maybelline mascaras because I can’t get over my lash obsession and have yet to find a natural mascara that works the wonders that Maybelline mascaras do (right now Rocket Lashes and Cat Eye […]

Guide to Sun Protection

Recently I was approached by a gentleman who asked me what kind of sunscreen he should be using. He had just purchased a Coppertone facial stick and soon after applying his face and eyes began burning, in the middle of a client meeting nonetheless. As soon as I looked at the active ingredients I knew: […]